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Electrical Repair Services in Richmond, CA

Feregrino Electric provides electrical repair services in Richmond, CA. We gives customers efficient upgrades and excellent customer service. Having your electrical system repaired is an important part of making sure your home is safe.
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You Don't Have to Wait Any Longer For Electrical Repairs

With eight years of experience with electrical panels, upgrades, and repairs, our team of electricians at Feregrino Electric will provide you with efficient service. Making sure your electrical system is safe and running means that you have a great electrician for your ongoing maintenance and repairs.

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Our team of electricians is committed to providing you with excellent services. We are here to help you make sure your breaker box is working correctly, and provide you with the right electrical upgrades and repairs for your home. Call (415) 635-8161 today to schedule an appointment.   

Areas we serve:  

  • Richmond, CA  
  • Berkley, CA,   
  • San Jose, CA  
  • Oakland, CA  
  • San Francisco, CA  
  • Maureen, CA  
  • Marin, CA
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