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Lighting Installation Services in Richmond, CA

We provide lighting installation service in Richmond, CA. Our attention to detail and excellent customer service makes us stand out among other electrician services. Besides electrical lighting service, we will also provide the following service:  

  • Lighting installation services  
  • Electrical lighting installation   
  • Chandelier installation  
  • Recessed lighting  
  • Led lighting installation  
  • Lighting replacement  
man fitting light in ceiling richmond ca

Three Reasons You Need New Lighting Systems Installed

There are many reasons you want to install new lighting for your home or commercial space. When you are unsure about the need for new lighting installation in your home, consider the following:  

  • Are your lights flickering? If so, you may need a fuse changed or a new lighting installation.   
  • Do your bulbs go out often? If you are continually changing your light bulbs because they are burning out quicker than expected, consider installing a new lighting system.  
  • Is your electric bill too high? If you are noticing a significantly higher electric bill, your lighting system may be working harder, and therefore, you may need a new system installed. 

Are You Ready to Install New Lighting In Your Home?

There is nothing like a new lighting system to provide an overhaul to your living room or dining room space. Give our team of experts a call so we can schedule an appointment. We look forward to hearing from you. Call (415) 635-8161 today to schedule an appointment.   

Areas we serve:  

  • Richmond, CA  
  • Berkley, CA,   
  • San Jose, CA  
  • Oakland, CA  
  • San Francisco, CA  
  • Maureen, CA  
  • Marin, CA
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